What is Descriptive Text ?

Have you tried to discribe someone or something, guys? Hmm, maybe you have ever confused how to discribe it? Must tense do we use in describe? And maybe what is descriptive test itself? right?

First, Descriptive Text is . . . .
~> Descriptive text is a text that describes a particular person, place or thing.

Second, the purposes/functions  of  “Descriptive Text”
~> To describes a characteristic for person, place or thing in detail.


Third, the structure of  the text/generic structure.

1.      Identification.
In this part introduces to the subject of the description.

2.      Description.
In this part gives details of the characteristic features of the subject. It may describe              parts, qualities, characteristic, size, physical appearance, ability, habit, daily live, etc.

3.      Conclusion (optional).

Fourth, Language Feature.
~> Descriptive text use:
·        Simple present tense : If things/persons descried are still alive.
·        Simple past tense : If things/persons descried do not exist anymore.
·        Use noun.
·        Use kinds of adjective.
·        Use active verb.
·        Use allusion, imagination language.

Fifth, the example of Descriptive text.

My grandmother.

Identification ~> introduces the person described.
My grandmother is a very gentle, loving, and caring person. She never raises her voice at anyone. She has lived with me for as long as I can remember. She cakes care of me when mom and go to work.

Description ~> gives the details of the person described.
My grandmother is  a very neat and tidy person. She has  very dry grey hair which she usually pulls up into a bun. She has dark brown eyes that twinkle whenever she sees me. I hardly ever see them wet.

Grandmother likes to tell stories. She usually tells me brief stories of her childhood and expresses them very well with her tired, old, wrinkled hands. Sometimes, she also tells story about grandfather who has pass away. My dear grandmother always says good things about him. She once told me that he was the nicest person she had ever met.

Clonclusion ~> optional statement to sum up main ideas.
I really love  my grandmother

Download evaluation : Descriptive-text-evaluation

source : http://juliantluber.blogspot.co.id/2014/04/descriptive-text.html?m=1

Here is some example of describing person :